Warm greetings in the new year! I hope this finds you well. Below are a few reflection questions that may help you tie up the past year, and clarify an intention for 2016.

My intention for 2016 is to renew my family and home in good health! Marc and I together now have seven children (adults really) and one wonderful grandson, Jack, who is three years old and a joy to be with. With two of the “children” married we have a total of ten wonderful children in our “renewed” family.

I’ve also updated my book, Leading for Results. The e-book is now available on Amazon.com for $.99. The book shares the key practices for leading for results, exercises to apply the practices, reflection questions, and stories from my business and global public health leadership development work. If you read it, please let me know. Or better yet, write a review!

Questions to launch the New Year!
1. What am I happiest about this year – what memories come to mind?

2. What changed in my life, and what did I learn from those changes?

3. What am I grateful for?

4. What intention can I set for this year – one that means a lot to me?
(For my health, my relationships, or my contributions in the world.)

5. Who can I enroll to support me this intention?

Let me know your thoughts and intentions.

All the best for 2016,

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