Through our most recent coaching sessions, I started to realize that my thoughts are creating my world and the life that I am living in. The statement that we created in the last session together ‘I am at peace and others love me exactly the way I am’ is very powerful. I started to become aware of how often I am telling myself that others would not like me for who I am and I have to do more or be better so that others will love me. Only after I quiet down that inner voice, I am at peace with myself and others, and I can truly experience life.

Thank you very much for your coaching, Joan, as always!

Client Testimonial

“Calling in the One™”

Joan’s coaching made a huge difference in becoming more aware of myself and how I approached relationships. I am learning that when dating I don’t have to do all of the work. If a man really likes me he will make the appropriate moves towards me.

Senior Scientist looking for love

Joan is very upfront and honest and “cuts to the chase”. There is no beating around the bush. I was empowered by learning my own value, and I learned to take on new, more effective actions when getting to know men.

38 year-old banker who realized she wants a family

“Conscious Uncoupling™”

Working with Joan helped me get clear about what I wanted in a relationship. She really helped me to focus and get present to what I want and deserve in a partnership.

Recently divorced mother of a teenage son

I am very grateful that I was introduced to the Conscious Uncoupling book and worked with Joan Bragar, a coach trained in this process.

My emotions were so raw at the end of my marriage and so many old fears, like fear of abandonment, were triggered. Keeping my intentions focused on what I wanted in my future helped me avoid lashing out at times when I was feeling most raw.

I wanted to minimize the pain for my daughters.  This coaching helped me clarify and execute on those intentions. It also gave me a safe place to process and share the painful emotions.

Without this process, I would have fallen back into some old patterns of putting others needs first.

While the divorce year was a painful year, I am convinced that this support helped me get through it more collaboratively and allowed me to heal, forgive and start my next chapter more quickly.

My ex and I are able to stay in touch, collaborate on ongoing projects and parent our children as partners. We spared each other much of the acrimony I hear from others I know who are divorced and who experience lingering negativity and resentment.

Mother of two young adult daughters

Amazon Reviews:

Never Too Late for Love!

The Successful Woman’s Guide to Online Dating in the Second 

Christine D. Van Ells
 Joan has inspired me, and now I’ve found my new love after 5 1/2 years being alone!
Amazon five star png, Picture #377691 amazon five star png
This book should be required reading for anyone dating in the second half of life!
Amazon five star png, Picture #377691 amazon five star png
Part memoir part- dating guide book, Brager takes the reader through her journey of finding her husband at the age of 61.
Love knows no age!
Amazon five star png, Picture #377691 amazon five star png
Like the title of the book says, it is never too late for love and, you can find love online…even if you don’t know how. Joan shows us how to do both in this incredible book! As a person that created the relationship of my dreams in the 2nd half of my life, I can attest that Never Too Late For Love is the Real Deal. If you want to have an amazing relationship, read the book. Life is too short not to have someone to Love it with! The world needs more Love so, read the book!
Jinyan Du
Simple steps to achieve real results
Amazon five star png, Picture #377691 amazon five star png
If you are like me, wanting to find love late in life and not sure how or too afraid because of the fear of getting hurt again, this is a must-read. And even better, besides reading the book, reach out to Joan to get her personal coaching to support you to find the love you have always dreamt of.
 A true gem
Amazon five star png, Picture #377691 amazon five star png
Your book is a gem and valuable at any stage of ones life and honestly at any age! Being an internet dating newbie, it allowed me a better understanding and gave me more courage to continue on my path of finding my One!
Wonderful read!
Amazon five star png, Picture #377691 amazon five star png
I found Joan’s book sincere and heartfelt. She was remarkably vulnerable in her telling of her own experiences. It makes it feel possible and even a little exciting to find love in my fifties!

Get past all obstacles to finding the relationship of your dreams.


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The Successful Woman’s Guide to Online Dating in The Second Half of Life

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