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Making Meaning Out of Your Year

For many it has been a year of great changes -some positive, some extremely difficult. As we move into these final days of the year, the relative quiet after the holiday rush can give us a few moments to slow down and reflect on our year.
Reflection provides the opportunity to learn and to make sense of our experiences.

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Can I handle the seasons of my life?

This weekend I was at a holiday party with people I had not hung out with since high school. Sharing my life story with them, I learned (re-learned) that my life has been full and rich, and made up of many chapters. These chapters have included living in New York...

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Transitions- are you in the “Middle” of one now?

One more "Growth Opportunity" !?! Are you, or someone you know, in the middle of a change in your work or personal life? Some life changes are more difficult than others. As the saying goes,"One door closes and another one opens... but it can be hell in the hall."...

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Finding your strengths (in 20 minutes or less!)

Lately I have been recommending that all of my clients and students take an assessment called the “Strengths Finder Assessment”. I have found this to be a easy way to increase your awareness of your strengths. The report of your top five strengths only takes 20...

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What are your intentions for the new year?

Warm greetings in the new year! I hope this finds you well. Below are a few reflection questions that may help you tie up the past year, and clarify an intention for 2016. My intention for 2016 is to renew my family and home in good health! Marc and I together now...

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Learning from Your Experiences in 2014

6 Questions to reflect on at the beginning of a new year… For those of us who have had eventful years, the new year is a good time to pause and make sense of what we have been through, and how we can apply the lessons to the future. “Learning and adapting” is one of...

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Let’s move Past the Blocks Keeping You
From the Intimate Supportive
Relationship You Desire

Lives Transformed


Through our most recent coaching sessions, I started to realize that my thoughts are creating my world and the life that I am living in. The statement that we created in the last session together 'I am at peace and others love me exactly the way I am' is very powerful. I started to become aware of how often I am telling myself that others would not like me for who I am and I have to do more or be better so that others will love me. Only after I quiet down that inner voice, I am at peace with myself and others, and I can truly experience life.

Thank you very much for your coaching, Joan, as always!


Calling in “The One”™


Joan’s coaching made a huge difference in becoming more aware of myself and how I approached relationships. I am learning that when dating I don’t have to do all of the work. If a man really likes me he will make the appropriate moves towards me.

Senior Scientist looking for love


Conscious Uncoupling™

Working with Joan helped me get clear about what I wanted in a relationship. She really helped me to focus and get present to what I want and deserve in a partnership.

Recently divorced mother of a teenage son.


Get past all obstacles to finding the relationship of your dreams.


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