I was thinking of you, because it’s Sunday. And Sunday was sometimes not an easy day for me when I was living alone. I had to make a point to plan an activity with other people to get myself out of the house.
Now Sundays are easier. Marc and I went to a yoga class together. (Yes he takes yoga, one of two men in a class of thirty people.)
After shopping I was so tired and I just wanted to go home. So you know what we did, we went home, lay down and took a nap together for an hour.
We do this a lot. We like to nap together. Fortunately we both have about the same “distance quotient” – very important in a relationship.
By that I mean we both like to mostly be together, but we also like to have breaks.
(He’s out of the house right now doing something, I have no idea what.)
It ends up being a very comfortable Sunday. I feel “at home” and can rest and not be on edge.
I heard some news yesterday about my son’s health. He will be well, but continues to need treatment for a disease that a century ago would have meant the end.
So I was glad to come home to find my husband there, to share with him and be held by him.
In our Ketubah, our wedding contact, there is a line that says,
“Acquire a friend with whom you will learn, next to whom you will sleep, and in whom you will confide.” 
We have been those things for each other.
Interestingly, my son’s father called me later that day. He needed reassurance, and I was glad that I was able to provide it.
Having a healthy and loving man to live with didn’t come easily. I had to meet forty men, that I found online, before finding Marc.
In fact I had seen Marc’s profile nine months before I met him, and sent a note. He hadn’t responded. I wasn’t sure from his profile, and he wasn’t sure from mine, if we had enough in common. But what the heck, I tried again and we both took a chance.
And, now we’re here in Florida, looking out on the beautiful Charlotte Harbor, which extends two miles from our porch. And I have a loving husband who can comfort me when I need it.
Our grown kids (seven of them) call us from time to time. We get to hear the news and be there for them as much as we can.
But mostly we’re focused on loving each other
and creating as magnificent a life as we can.
I want this for you.
It will take courage. But you can do it.
It could make this the best chapter of your life!

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