6 Questions to reflect on at the beginning of a new year…

For those of us who have had eventful years, the new year is a good time to pause and make sense of what we have been through, and how we can apply the lessons to the future.

Learning and adapting” is one of the five practices in my book Leading for Results.

Reflection is essential if we want to learn from our experiences. All learning goes through a “Do/Think Learning Cycle”:

  • Accumulating experience is the DO
  • Reflecting on the experience is the THINK

This cycle is an ever-ascending spiral that builds on experience to continuously develop our knowledge.

To learn from your experiences in 2014, you can reflect on these questions:

  1. What events stood out for me in the past year?
  2. For each of these, what lessons could I take and apply in 2015?
  3. Are there any communications or actions from 2014 that are incomplete?
    • If there are, what could I could do to complete these and move into the new year with a clear mind?
  4. What do I envision in 2015 for:
    • my health and well-being?
    • my relationships?
    • my contributions in the world?
  5. What am I grateful for?
  6. Is there someone I would like to acknowledge?

Taking a quiet moment to think about these questions will increase your learning from the year. A tip for your reflection process: trust your first or intuitive responses.

Intuition is gut-level instinctual knowing. To source this knowledge, we need to practice asking ourselves reflective questions and trusting the answers that come from deep within.When we listen to our intuition, we learn things we may have not learned by analysis alone.

Envisioning the future helps us to create images that give us guidance for what we want to move into. Sharing these images make them firmer and help us to move towards them confidently.

Please feel free to share what you are learning, and what you see for yourself in 2015. And share these reflection questions with those you care for.

I look forward to your thoughts and reflections!

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