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Transitions- are you in the “Middle” of one now?

by | Dec 5, 2016 | Leadership Development, Love

One more “Growth Opportunity” !?!

Are you, or someone you know, in the middle of a change in your work or personal life?

Some life changes are more difficult than others. As the saying goes,
“One door closes and another one opens… but it can be hell in the hall.”

William Bridges in his famous work, Transitions, documents three stages in all major changes:

Endings —– The Neutral Zone —– New Beginnings

We need to go through the Neutral Zone, the “middle”, to get out to new beginnings.

In the middle- the transition – we need support to:
— Question the beliefs and actions that are no longer serving us
— Reaffirm the values that will shape a new beginning
— Envision the future that we want to move towards

We don’t just end one chapter and jump into a new beginning. There needs to be time to synthesize what we have learned — to empower us to move forward in a way that supports our deepest aspirations.

Transitions Coaching

Accomplished professionals need support to move effectively through transitions. The conversations they need to move forward are not ordinary conversations. Transitions coaching offers a unique opportunity to reflect on and make sense of the paths you have taken, and to visualize and move forward in ways that align with your purpose and values.

I bring to this coaching a depth of knowledge and a breadth of experience that come from twenty-five years of teaching leadership around the world in the private and public sectors. It is always fascinating to me to guide the emergence of new possibilities, and witness the new realities that my clients manifest.

I get great satisfaction providing this support to people who are serving others. A client wrote in a recent note, “It is almost always me helping other people see their possibilities. I don’t think I have ever really had someone help me truly see my own … It is a relief to hear that I can create something satisfying that truly works with my own life. I’m finding that I believe you. Thank you so much for that.”

When I was in the middle of moving my career focus away from organizational consulting towards more individual coaching I too needed support from a strong coach, one who helped me to question my old business assumptions and to learn new practices – such as reaching out to people through social media.

Are you in the middle of a change and need help thinking through:
— What do I need to give up, and what am I ready to embrace?

— How can I move forward in a way that best reflects my values and purpose?

— How can I continue to maintain other important commitments in my life?

— What are the next steps I need to take?

Do you want to move through this transition in a way that empowers you?

Do you want to wake up looking forward to a life that includes meaningful contribution, love, and fun?

If you do, please contact me for a complimentary coaching call to explore these and other important questions.

All the best,