There’s so much to absorb about what is happening now. It is heartening that so many in the world are standing up to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

My best friend Lorraine, who is now 75-years-old, went downtown Boston to join the demonstrations this week. When she got to Park Street she felt tired and sat down on a bench. She realized that if anything happened to her she wouldn’t have the strength to protect herself, so she went home.

I was so proud that she went. I also understand the feeling that the streets are not the place for us now. When we were younger we went to (and planned) many demonstrations.

Our lifelong friendship was built on our shared commitment to human rights.

I was blessed to teach at Boston University School of Public Health where students are committed to leading the struggle for social justice.

Now my work is to support the women of my generation to have the love and support we deserve in the final chapters of our lives.

When I told Marc’s cousins on our weekly Zoom call that I wrote a new book called, “Is He “The One?”, they asked me how I knew that Marc was the one. I jokingly told them, “He’s the one who, as the evening winds down, calls out from the bedroom, ‘Are you coming to bed?'”

That’s how I know he’s the one!

He’s always there for me. Every morning we go out early to avoid the heat of tropical Florida. We walk, get coffee, watch the birds on the harbor and say hello to the people passing by. We are grateful for our lives.

Then we spend time away from each other in the middle of the day, doing work we enjoy.

In the evening, after we’ve finished work, we go swimming.

We just watched the documentary “13th” on Netflix about the mass incarceration of African Americans. I highly recommend seeing the movie — and also finding a man who shares your values. Marc compassionately cares about people. This is what drew me to him.

If you want to find a happy love relationship with a good man, let me know if I can support you.

Get past all obstacles to finding the relationship of your dreams.


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