The end of the year is a time when some of us reflect on our lives, where we’ve come and what we are intending for the new year. 
Marc and I have chosen to spend this evening at home watching the sunset on the Charlotte Harbor from our home in Florida.
We find that it helps to take a moment to pause and take stock of our lives.
When Marc’s children and their partners were at our home for the holidays, we asked them to reflect on these questions:
1. What are you grateful for, or proud of in 2019?
2. What are you intending for 2020?
Their responses were inspiring and heart-warming. All had worked hard towards goals in 2019 and had very specific things they wanted to accomplish in 2020. All were caring.
Marc and I are grateful , among other things, that we are deepening our relationships with our seven grown children, their partners and our four grandchildren. Being close with them gives us great joy.
Acknowledge Yourself!
I hope you take the time to acknowledge all of the good things that are in your life, as well as the challenges you are facing.
I highly recommend you ask yourself these two questions, and then share them with someone you would like to be more intimate with. 
Intimate = “in to me see” – letting others know what is important to you.
If you like, please share your reflections with me. 
I would love to hear them. Just respond back to this email.
New Beginnings

Yesterday Marc and I spent the day buying a used car so that we can get around when we are in Florida in the winter. 

It was great fun doing this with him. Our personalities are highly complementary and we work well together. 
My strength is that I am an “activator” (just do it). 
His strength is that he is “adaptable” (make it work).  
This has turned out to be a great fit.  (LOL)
In 2020  we will begin our new life – living in two states. 
We will spend the cold months of the year at our home in Florida. (December in Boston was a frigid and snowy month!)
My coaching practice is now all via phone and video. 
I find that very deep transformational work can be done this way. You can see more about this on my website
Sending best wishes and love for the new year,

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