I’ve done some of the research to answer this question, and learned a lot from my own and other women’s experience. But I thought I’d go right to the horses mouth, so to speak…
I’m reading a book by a 74 year-old physician who started online dating after his wife’s passing.
Below, in his words, is what he observed about his own maturing outlook to attraction.
“As a teenager, and even in my twenties, physical appearance and feminine beauty were of prime importance. My friends and I did not want to go out with or even be seen spending too much time with a young lady who did not meet certain standards of good looks. In retrospect I now realize how sexist, immature, and ridiculous this behavior was.
We, the males, were not uniformly handsome. Many of us were overweight or gangly; we had acne and rotten, narcissistic personalities.
All of this completely changed with the onset of my dating experience as a senior. While still paying some attention to the physical appearance of my date, especially when meeting and identifying her for the first encounter, appearance was not important to me.
What I found far more important was the warmth, understanding, and ease of conversation with the woman. A bit of extra weight, wrinkles, and other dermatologic stigmata sometimes present in a woman of a certain age had absolutely no relevance. What was important now was the inner beauty.”
— Senior Online Dating: We Are Not Dead Yet by Martin Dorenbush http://a.co/37OUhMS
Surprised? Well we women have matured, and fortunately many of the good men out there have matured as well.
So don’t let thoughts about your appearance keep you away from meeting men — one of whom might be the love of your life.
Keep yourself well and fit enough to be able to face life’s challenges. Pay attention to how you look and what you wear when going out with others.But don’t let the fact that you look your age dissuade you from dating.
I believe I’m just an evolving version of myself. I can see the impish six-year old, the soulful twenty-year old, and even the ambitious forty-five year old in my face if I squint. But if I look straight on, and tell the truth, I do look my age – sixty five.
You know what the good thing is? My husband can see all those ages in me as well, and loves me for all of them.
We have a loving life – including loving others beyond ourselves: his family, my family, our old friends, and our new friends. There’s a lot of people to love. Get going!
A good preparation for bringing love into your life is to appreciate the love that is already there. Spend time with family and friends that you love, and create loving experiences for others.
The only way to bring love in is to create it now in your relationships and in your life.
Then some lucky man is going to walk into an experience of love — and feel inexplicably drawn towards you!
If you would like to hear more about what it takes to find love in the second half of life, listen to my interview with Sandy Weiner’s show, “Last First Date”, below.

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