It is never to late for love!

In today’s world, most people will have more than one primary relationship. Moving through these transitions, and getting the love and support we need, is key to our health and happiness.

Love is really possible for you no matter what age you are, whether you’ve been married before, never before, whether you came from a great family or a family with great problems.

I have learned this myself, from my own life, and my work with Katherine Woodward Thomas, the author of the New York Times bestseller, Calling in the One.

Calling in the One is an amazingly successful coaching process for moving past old beliefs about yourself and relationships- leaving you empowered to move forward into mutually supportive relationships. It has changed people’s entire futures.

Are you always the one who is making the relationship work, while others may not demonstrate the level of support that you need to feel happy and secure?

Oftentimes we find ourselves in relationships that duplicate the dynamics of prior unsatisfying relationships. We may find that we are overly giving to the point of not having our own needs met. This is called “pathological generosity” – an incredible thought to ponder!

Calling in the One is a unique 7-Step Process that will help you to uncover the false beliefs and unproductive actions that perpetuate unfulfilling patterns in love.

A client, a recently divorced mother, had this to say about our work together,

“Working with Joan helped me get clear about what I wanted in a relationship. I also felt confident in getting those things. She really helped me to focus and get present to what I want and deserve in a partnership.”

This powerful approach will support you to identify and move past blocks that are keeping you from the intimate supportive relationship you desire.

To start the process of uncovering your old false beliefs that are keeping you from fulfilling love, take a moment to reflect and write on these questions:

  • My beliefs about love are…
  • My beliefs about marriage are…
  • My belief about life is… 

You may be surprised at what you discover!

It is never to late for love!

I especially like to work with “older” people (like myself) who face particular challenges in getting into the dating world. It takes courage and persistence to be true to yourself, while having the patience and knowledge to “call in” the kind of partner who will best support you as you are (in all your glory!)

Even with the advent of online “meeting”, dating and finding true love still can be a daunting process.

I found, from my own experience, that coaching support helped me discover new more effective actions for finding and building an effective relationship.

This is what Calling in the One coaching provides.

  • Do you want to bring new mutually supportive love into your life?
  • Are you ready to explore the beliefs that are keeping you from fulfilling love?
  • Would you like support to move successfully into the world of dating?

If you do, please contact me at

Please contact me for a free initial consultation to see if this kind of coaching will support you to find the love you deserve.

Get past all obstacles to finding the relationship of your dreams.


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