Joan Bragar, EdD

Meet Joan

I am a teacher of leadership, a management consultant and a coach of high performers who want to make a difference. I have coached people around the world for more than twenty-five years to lead to achieve the results that are most important to them.

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Joan brings a depth of experience and a breadth of knowledge to coach people to live a life they love. She holds a doctorate from Harvard University and has worked for twenty years as a transformational coach.

Joan is articulate, compassionate, and committed to my success. She demonstrated herself as trustworthy from the very first communication. I discovered that this work is not about dwelling in the past, it is about creating a new future for yourself and your family.

Conscious Uncoupling Coaching Client

I was inspired to work with Katherine Woodward Thomas when I was in my late 50’s. I had ended a ten-year marriage and needed support to heal my heart and open myself to the possibility of being in a supportive partnership.

Through the “Calling in the One” coaching process I became aware of my over-caretaking behaviors – ones that do not create a foundation for mutual love and support.

I set an intention that by my 60th birthday I would bring a caring man into my life.  I wrote in my online profile that I wanted someone who was  “proud of his accomplishments in work and family” (as I was).

Over two years I met and went out with more than 40 men. I learned how to have my choices reflect a deeper truth – that I am worthy of a loving marriage with a deeply supportive and caring man.

I had only been dating Marc for six weeks when I invited him to come to my 60th birthday party. His willingness and ability to be with all of my friends and family in a loving way – and a million other gestures — won my heart. We married when I was sixty-two. Our seven grown children were witnesses.

I no longer need to use over-caretaking behaviors because my husband is an incredibly caring and competent man. We care for each other. We are on a great adventure as we enter our “golden years” together.

I believe that “Calling in the One” process “cracks the nut” of identifying and changing the repetitive relationship patterns that prevent us from having happy healthy mutually loving relationship. 

My coaching supports people to begin to live from a deeper truth: That no matter how old we are, or how many difficult experiences in love we have had – We are worthy and capable of finding love! 


Joan & Marc

Joan & Marc Wedding