Partnering for success. Supporting the vision and accomplishments of my clients.

To be powerful in life, you need clear intentions and effective actions. I have researched and validated the practices that produce results.

I am a truth teller in key moments in your life – when you need support from someone who will hold you to your intentions.

I am a committed listener as you learn how to implement the actions that will support you to achieve the results that are most important to you.

Dr. Bragar coaches high performers who want to make a difference in their lives, their organizations and society. She empowers people to face challenges and achieve results.

She brings to coaching her extensive background in leadership development in the global business and health sectors. She has worked with a wide range of leaders, from the presidents of LG companies in Korea to health managers in the Middle East and Africa.

In her work she brings clarity, compassion, and comprehensive listening to support people to learn what they need to move forward. Her work is similar to being in an individualized leadership training.

Dr. Bragar is a graduate of Harvard College and received her doctorate, with a focus on learning leadership, at Harvard Graduate School of Education. In her research there she validated the leadership practices of high performing managers in Fortune 500 Companies

Your course has been a mind-changing experience for which I am really grateful. I believe I have changed in a positive way and now have the possibility to handle different situations at the Emergency Department in my hospital here in Buenos Aires in a much more productive way. Surprisingly, I think this also has a real positive impact on how the patients feel our medical attention. So far, we changed the way we take rounds mainly lowering the possibility of making mistakes with patient's information.

Maria Magaz, MD


Joan is a fantastic leadership coach, who has an amazing knack for helping people to identify what drives them and figure out how to leverage that in their careers.  I worked with Joan, and found her to be an essential asset as I was assessing career options and launching my consulting practice.

Joanna Brown, Management Consultant



 Can I sail through the changing ocean tides? Can I handle the seasons of my life?”

-Landslide by Fleetwood Mac

 Some life changes are more difficult than others. As the saying goes,

"One door closes and another one opens... but it can be hell in the hall."

William Bridges in his famous work, Transitions, documents three stages in all major changes: 
Endings ---- The Neutral Zone ---- New Beginnings
We need to go through the Neutral Zone - the "middle" - to get out to new beginnings:
In the middle- the transition - we need support to:
  • Question the beliefs and actions that are no longer serving us
  • Reaffirm the values that will shape a new beginning
  • Envision the future that we want to move towards
We don't just end one chapter and jump into a new beginning. There needs to be time to synthesize what we have learned -- to empower us to move forward in a way that supports our deepest aspirations.

Transitions Coaching 
Accomplished professionals need support to move effectively through transitions. The conversations they need to move forward are not ordinary conversations. Transitions coaching offers a unique opportunity to reflect on and make sense of the paths you have taken, and to visualize and move forward in ways that align with your purpose and values.
I bring to this coaching a depth of knowledge and a breadth of experience that come from twenty-five years of teaching leadership around the world in the private and public sectors. It is always fascinating to me to guide the emergence of new possibilities, and witness the new realities that my clients manifest.
When I was in the middle of moving my career focus away from organizational consulting towards more individual coaching I too needed support from a strong coach, one who helped me to question my old business assumptions and to learn new practices - such as reaching out to people through social media.
Are you in the middle of a change and need help thinking through:
  • What do I need to give up, and what am I ready to embrace?
  • How can I move forward in a way that best reflects my values and purpose?
  • How can I continue to maintain other important commitments in my life?
  • What are the next steps I need to take?
Do you want to move through this transition in a way that empowers you?
Do you want to wake up looking forward to a life that includes meaningful contribution, love, and fun?
Transitions Coaching 
Contact me for a complimentary coaching session to explore these and other important questions. You can move through this successfully.

"It is almost always me helping other people see their possibilities. I don't think I have ever really had someone help me truly see my own ... It is a relief to hear that I can create something satisfying that truly works with my own life.  I'm finding that I believe you.  Thank you so much for that."

Medical Doctor transitioning after being home with young children


“She emboldened me to take the needed steps. She believed in me.”

A research physician launching his own business


I am a certified Conscious Uncoupling coach. This is a process for completing relationships with dignity and respect. It is especially important when children are involved, and there is a need to create new evolving supportive family relationships.

What do you do when the loss of love collapses your world?

Learn the concrete steps to turn your trauma into triumph with the miraculous journey of Conscious Uncoupling.

The Conscious Uncoupling Coaching Process is:

  • A 5-Step process for ending a romantic union in honorable, gracious, and respectful ways
  • A road map for how to break up in a way that does minimal damage to all involved
  • A clear guide for creating new cooperative and life-affirming agreements and structures that set everyone up to win moving forward

It only takes one to have a conscious uncoupling – to recover your ability to live a happy loving and fulfilling life.

In today’s rapidly changing society, most people will have more than one significant relationship in their adult lives. We need to find ways to do this that are not disruptive to the safety, growth and development all involved. Creating the foundation for new forms of support and development is essential.

I raised my own children in a co-parenting situation. Their father and I learned how to relate in ways that created the conditions in which they could grow to reach their full potential as loving contributing adults. I want to share with others the principles for setting the groundwork for this...even after the worst of breakdowns in family life.



Oftentimes we find ourselves in relationships that duplicate the dynamics of prior unsatisfying relationships. We may find that we are overly giving to the point of not having our own needs met. Or that we are always the one who is making the relationship work, while our partner does not step forward to demonstrate the level of commitment that we need to feel happy and secure.  Calling in the One is a unique set of steps that help us to uncover and unwind the false beliefs and unproductive actions that perpetuate these unfulfilling patterns in love.

I am a certified Calling in the One Coach.

This powerful approach supports clients to identify and move past blocks that are keeping them from the intimate supportive relationship they desire.

Calling in the OneTM and Conscious UncouplingTM coaching processes were created and are owned by New York Times Best Selling author, Katherine Woodward Thomas. 


Working with Joan helped me get clear about what I wanted in a relationship. I also felt confident in getting those things! ... about what I wanted in a relationship and feel confident that I will get it. She really helped me to focus and get present to what I want and deserve in a partnership.      Recently divorced mother 

Joan’s coaching  made a huge difference in becoming more aware of myself and how I approached relationships. I am learning that when dating I don’t have to do all of the work. If a man really likes me he will make the appropriate moves towards me.       Senior Scientist looking for love

Joan is very upfront and honest and “cuts to the chase”. There is no beating around the bush.  I was empowered by learning my own value, and I learned to take on new, more effective actions when getting to know men.      38 year-old banker who realized she wants a family